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Construction of sentences with a strong vocabulary is the key to better understanding. Our teachers cultivate this practice at its best.

From Our Blog

  • Are you about to earn your driver’s license, and just need to pass the theory test? If you put in a little effort beforehand and prepare well, earning the license will end up costing less money and irritation. In order for you to succeed as well as possible, we give you 6 simple tips for how to pass the theory test for your driving license.

    Tip 1: Get started quickly

    The learning material often looks overwhelming, and often we need a small push to get started. If you start early, you make things a lot easier for yourself. It will give you more time to go over the material several times, which makes it easier to understand what you learn. Don’t let too much time pass before you get started with studying.

    Tip 2: Decide beforehand when you will study

    When you have decided for when and how to study, it becomes much easier to actually do it. It’s like signing your own contract where you for example decide beforehand that you will study for a few hours between 4-6 pm. The faster you start, the less time you will need to spend each session. Making it a habit will make it easier for you to start and continue learning the theory. Let go of the thought that you should start soon. Discipline yourself to lock off some time in your calendar to study - and then follow through on it.

    Tip 3: Gain perspective and take notes

    One of the most common ways that people study is to begin on page one, and then read the next one until they’re through with the book. This is absolutely not the best way to learn. It’s much better if you gain perspective on the material before you read more deeply. By taking in headlines, summaries, side notes, and the like, you get a more thorough understanding of what the material is about in its entirety. Noting key words while reading is also smart, since it makes it easier to review the information later.

    Tip 4: Prepare with test exams

    Prepare by taking tests which have been made to pass the theory test. You’ll find many of these with a simple Google search, one of the absolute best is Bestått.no and the more you practice, the better you’ll understand what types of questions you’ll get on the actual test. You will also be able to take the tests again and again until you master them completely. Don’t underestimate what this can do for your self esteem!

    Tip 5: Do what is hard

    While you study and study again, it quickly becomes obvious what you struggle most with. Do more of this. Don’t waste time doing what you’re good at. Attack what you haven’t mastered yet. You will get much more out of your study sessions by doing this.

    Tip 6: Get enough rest before your theory test

    Staying awake the whole night before a school exam is something which turns the exam into a nightmare. It’s also like this for the theory test. Give yourself some time to relax beforehand. Your head consolidates the material you have been studying - also when you’re asleep! Often, you’ll do better on a test if you have gotten enough sleep, than if you spend two to three hours extra studying, at the cost of your sleep. So there you have it! 6 simple tips for nailing your theory test for your driving license. What can you start doing today? Think about it, and do something about it immediately. Your driving license is waiting for you!...

  • You´ve finally landed your dream job. After many hard years of schooling, you´re accepted for a position that has been at the top of your mind for such a long time – a position as an intern.    You arrive at your new workplace, giddy with excitement and hope for the future. After the initial intrigue and fascination with your work tasks and colleagues, however, you discover that the company ramps up the demands they have for you. You´re not only expected to work from nine to five with no pay; they want you to go overtime, spend late nights, and even work on weekends.    In the beginning, you accept this, and say to yourself that “it´s my dream job, and I´m happy to go the extra mile.” The only problem is that you´re spending all your time at work, your bills still have to be paid, and by the end of the month, you´re starting to feel worn down. And a scary thought creeps into your mind: “What have I gotten myself into?”

    Yes, it might look good on the CV, but…

    The brutal fact that many interns have realized, is that a lot of companies are not interested in their wellbeing, but in their own profits. They are only taking in interns because they receive funding for it, and the extra workforce is free. And while it may look good on your CV to work for a large and esteemed company, it may impact your life in quite negative ways – and not just in the short term.  

    Unpaid interns are less successful

    According to a survey mentioned in an article published on the Harvard Business Reviews (It´s Time to Officially End Unpaid Internships), paid trainees get more job offers than unpaid ones. This is because companies that pay their trainees are, in general, more committed to evolving their skills and talents.  

    What’s being done about it

    Despite the many companies that take advantage of their trainees, some public benefit companies are taking measures to help trainees secure the best policies that they can. SmartEmploy, a service in Norway that simplifies the hiring process for apprentices and businesses, is a great example of this. When an apprentice wants to Søke læreplass in a certain business, they help the individual every step of the way, in order to ensure that both they and the trainee business make the right choice.    If we want lasting changes in the financial terms that apprentices receive, in any country, then it´s crucial that the necessary measures are taken, so that both the business and the individual receives benefit from it.    One way to do this might be by only letting certified trainee businesses take in apprentices. Putting this regulation in place, and stating that all workers are to be paid (perhaps 50% salary in the beginning), would be a step in the right direction. ...

  • Language learning apps are known to be an essential mark for innovation as it brings forward a range of features. The user experience that it offers tends to be complete as you manage to get all that you need. But for that, you also need to be aware of the best apps in the market. Since researching and looking for essential details is a time-consuming task, we have saved you from the trouble. So without further ado, here's a list of the best language learning apps.


    A suitable interface tends to go a long way while choosing a language app. As a result, Duolingo comes to the forefront as it breaks down complex sentences and helps you out in numerous ways. Moreover, the many features that it offers also stands to be a credible part of the entire experience as they promote you to learn through a long list of activities. So if you're ready to explore and learn more, then Duolingo should be your first option.


    With more than 80 million users and 12 languages, Busuu is another language learning app that delivers on all that it promises. Through complete courses, exercise reviews, and other essential features, the app moves ahead to do all you want. The offline access, certificates, and grammar tips tend to make things all the more impressive by leaningno stone unturned in helping you achieve the best. Hence go ahead and try out Busuu.


    Staring off things slowly and then propelling towards the true mark stands to be the ideal way through which Memrise operates. Like other apps, Memrise also comes with options that will take you towards the right limit in achieving a credible list of objectives and tasks. The kind of value that it generates towards the end of the program is another way with which things become clear. As a result, you can always bank on Memrise to help out on this front.

    Rosetta Stone

    Rosetta Stone Rosetta Stone is popularly viewed as a leader in teaching languages as it was able to do the same for over 25 years. By bringing a mobile app, things got more interesting as anyone can now make use of the same. You can choose from 24 languages, learn the basics, and move ahead to excel in specific fields. The subscription-based platform that it provides is quite unique and capable of taking things forward to the right extent.


    Choosing one among these options will be an ideal and effective way to get started on a new language and learn more. So compare them and settle down for an app that suits your needs and requirements. Hence, that was our take on the best language learning apps....

  • Learning a language tends to be an ideal way to know more about a particular culture and how people communicate amongst themselves. The different steps that it takes to understand their language will help you get used to an exciting experience that will end up being informative. But that also brings up the question of which language. So to help you out on that forefront, we are here with a list featuring some of the best languages to learn and explore. Hence, read the following.


    Spanish Considering the fact that Spanish has more native speakers than English, it tends to be a suitable option that should never be avoided. In case you’re traveling around the world or venturing off to specific parts, learning this particular language will help you make the most of the situation. The delightful experience will always be a memorable one since exploring Spanish is touted to be a great experience.


    Learning more about the second most popular language is another way to understand things on a better note. Even if you cannot make your way through a city without knowing the local language, you can always make matters happen with English. As a popular language, people tend to learn the same and process the aspect of communication to head in the right direction. Due to that, you will be missing out on a lot if you don’t know English.


    Portuguese Be it the beaches or the many tourist spots; you tend to have more than a single reason to study Portuguese. Moreover, doing so will upgrade the traveling experience and make things all the more impressive. By learning to speak and understand Portuguese, you can proceed ahead to gain more knowledge while exploring the land of Portugal. Considering the fact that it is also an easy language to learn, you will not be struck by any problems.


    Traveling to France stands to be a dream for many as its local cuisine, wine, and fashion are welcoming gestures that make your trip complete. You will move ahead to have a great time that also stands to be possible when you know the language. So look for courses and programs that will help you out on this front because learning French is as exciting as it sounds. Hence, proceed to have a lot of fun.


    Although our list tends to be small in number, it did manage to capture some main ingredients that you need to be aware of. As the experience will always be credited for being fruitful and innovative, we urge you to learn these languages and move up in life with the cool aspect of being an expert....

  • When it comes to writing a great resume, most guides explain the general format it should be in, for example, what sections to include, and where to include them. But when it comes to what language to use, the vast majority of guides fall short. That’s why, in this short article, we have listed some of the key ways to use language in your resume in order to impress and persuade your recruiter. Also, we were lucky enough to get in touch with the writer over at CVGuru.no, Ingvild Aagre to have some better insights into what's actually important when thinking about language in a resume (she has already written over 1200 resumes for their clients this year!).

    Verbs that pack a punch!

    By using stronger and more vivid verbs to describe your accomplishments, you are able to magnify them beyond the dry “happenings” most people write about in their resumes. Let’s take an example: I was the manager of an organization that achieved its goals. Naturally, this is something anyone would want in their new manager: someone who can help their organization reach its goals. However, the way in which it is said is not very convincing or impressive. Utilizing verbs that pack a punch, it would look like this: Synergized and developed an organization that surpassed its goals. It’s clear that, if you just use a few of these verbs that add a little more force, the whole idea sells much better. Try to see if you can insert some of the following verbs into your application: directed, led, empowered, energized, inspired, trained, encouraged.

    Statistics and numbers

    If you really want to convince your recruiter employer that you’re done some amazing things, simply add statistics and numbers to your statements. If you do this, the recruiter becomes aware of what specific accomplishments you’ve had, and can therefore relate better to it. Continuing with the same sentence as above: I was the manager in an organization that achieved its goals. This turns into Synergized and developed an organization that surpassed its goals by 200%. Think about whether you can add any percentages, numbers, calculations, or other statistics and numbers to showcase the scope of your achievements. girl reading a book about grammer A young schoolgirl reading the Oxford dictionary[/caption]

    Referring to the past

    When you apply for a job, most of your accomplishments will have happened in the past. Therefore, you don’t write that “I synergize and develop an organization that surpasses its goals by 200%,” since no one can tell whether you can replicate that achievement. You simply state it in the way it has already happened. If you’re currently working somewhere, however, you should of course describe the job responsibilities (using powerful verbs and statistics whenever you can). A present tense statement would look like this: I synergize and develop an organization to accomplish its goals.

    Adapt the application

    One of the major mistakes people make when sending out their resume to employers is using the same generic text for everyone. In order to separate yourself from the crowd, more is required. By adapting the application to each specific employer, you’re able to show how your unique set of skills and experiences can help their unique organization to achieve their goals. It doesn’t make much sense to tell a store manager how you can save their clients from drowning if you’ve previously worked in a pool, right? Or to tell a pool manager that you’re always happy to show customers the way to the dairy section?

    Finishing touches

    This is a point that shouldn’t even need to be mentioned. Recruiters abhor seeing blunders in your application. To make sure this doesn’t happen, go through your text several times, reading it silently in your head as well as out loud, so you can be absolutely certain that there are no faults in your document. If you apply the simple points in this article to your own resume, you’ll be well on your way to impressing and persuading recruiters to call you in for an interview and ultimately hire you....