Italian flash cards

Compact, Illustrated Italian flash cards for People On-the-Go

Make studying Italian more fun and effective with flash cards from Language Express

Get Italian flash cards for Learning Italian Verbs, Italian Adjectives & Adverbs and Italian Vocabulary.
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Language Express Italian flash cards are made for people On-the-Go.  Check out the different Italian flash cards at our Italian page. Get your choice of Italian Verbs, Italian Adjectives & Adverbs, or Italian Vocabulary cards.

Another option is to buy our Italian Full Kit which includes all titles from our collection.

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These unique Italian flash cards will change the way you learn Italian!

Learn Italian verbs, Italian adjectives and Italian vocabulary anywhere and any time with our Visual Italian flash cards.

These Italian Flash Cards are:

Pocket-sized Pocket-sized
Our Italian flash cards measure about 2 x 2.5 inches and go anywhere. Take your Italian studies wherever you go. Turn wasted moments into study time.
Illustrated Illustrated
Pictures make our Italian flash cards interesting, fun and more effective.
Ring-Bound Ring-bound
Each stack of Italian flash cards is bound by a small ring, like a key ring, and allow you to remove cards that you already learned, and replace them with ones you need to study.
Durable Durable
Our Italian flash cards come with hardcovers to protect your deck, so they don't get wrinkled or folded.

Language Express Italian flash cards beat flimsy, boring, text-only cards every time!

Italian Flash Cards - Specials

What's more is that if you order directly from us, you'll enjoy some great discounts! The Specials page features several money-saving options that you won't want to miss. Our Italian Full Kit special is one, and another is our customer feedback form. If you take advantage of both of these, you'll be saving about 20% off the retail price of our cards.

Italian Full Kit

By far, the most popular product is what we call the Italian Full Kit. That includes all of our Italian titles for one low price. The benefits of ordering the Italian Full Kit are: First, you get a discount (see above). Second, you get all the information you need in one standardized format. The three different titles that we offer, Italian Verbs, Italian Adjectives & Adverbs, and Italian Vocabulary are all interchangeable from one deck of cards to another. That means you can remove the cards that you already learned and substitute the cards that you need to study. By ordering all our titles together, you will be able to maximize your learning time by focusing on only those cards you need to know.

Language Express Cards Really are Different!

Language Express Italian learning cards really are different. One of things you will notice about the cards is their ring binding. This ring, about the size of a key ring, can open and close. That means you can create your own custom stack of cards. If you've already seen and learned one card, just remove it and replace it with a card that need to know. It's that simple. Many of our customers tell us they have several decks of cards, ready to go, near the door. On their way out of the house for work or errands, they'll grab a deck. This ensures that if the opportunity appears to study, they will have their Italian cards right at hand.
Another characteristic you will notice about our cards is the hard, plastic covers. These covers go on the front and back of the deck, and protect the cards that you are carrying with you. After you finish flipping through and studying the deck, be sure to flip to the covers so there is one on the front and back of your deck of cards.

Studying On-the-Go: Wasted Moments are Italian Study Time!

Far from being frustrated when you find yourself delayed in a long line, you'll find that with our cards, you may become almost happy to have a few moments of free time to study! Examples include when standing in line at the grocery store, DMV or bank. That gives you what you want, a few moments of time to review your Italian studies!


Language Express for Learning Italian On-the-Go