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Japanese Adjectives & Adverbs Game FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions

  What is the purpose of the game?
    This game shows you an English word and asks you to type in the Japanese word in Hiragana.

  Why don't I see anything when the game is supposed to start?
    You may not have Macromedia Flash Version 6 or later in your browser.
    Try Downloading Flash Player and restarting your computer.

  This game is taking way too long to download. What's the deal?
    You probably have a slower internet connection. Be patient and let the game load. Once it's done, it will be in your browser and should play fine.

  There are several possible answers. Which one should I use?
    The Say Word Button will tell you which translation the game expects.

  I don't know enough Hiragana to start playing. Is there an intro lesson or something?
    Not in this game. Try our Hiragana and Katakana learning game.

  Next and Previous Buttons skip words that were there before.
    After you get a word correct, it will not display again.

  In NA-adjectives, do I need a space between the first word and the NA character?
    Either way of typing it will count as correct.

  Why do all the adjectives only appear in one form? After all, these words can be used in different forms in other situations. (ao - aoi, anzen - anzen na, etc.)
    This first version of our game helps students differentiate between ii-adjectives and na-adjectives. We think the method of using these forms helps reinforce those differences.

  Can I practice Katakana too?
     Not in this game. Try our Hiragana and Katakana learning game.

  Why can't I hear any sounds?
    First, make sure your computer has sound capability and that the speakers, etc. are plugged in and turned on.

100 Japanese Flash Cards
that Go Anywhere you Go

Each different card set has about 100 cards. Cards in the Japanese verbs product feature an illustration and English verb on the front of the card. On the back, the verb is shown in 3 important forms, -masu, -te, and dictionary form, in both Japanese and Roman script.
The Japanese adjectives product shows an English adjective or adverb on the front of the card and sometimes its opposite as well as an illustration. The back of the card shows the Japanese translations of the words.
Kana Cards includes the all important Hiragana and Katakana.
Finally, the Japanese vocabulary product shows two to four English words, related by a theme. Examples of themes are foods, clothing, and household items. Each theme has its own small symbol giving the learner visual feedback.

Language Express Japanese flash cards beat flimsy, boring, text-only cards every time!

If you're tired of sitting at your desk, looking at those text-only flash cards for hours, then our visual Japanese flash cards are perfect for you. Because they are pocket-size, bound by a small ring and protected by plastic covers, they can go anywhere with you. That dramatically increases the time you can spend studying Japanese throughout the day.

Japanese Flash Cards - Specials

If you order directly from us, you'll enjoy some great discounts! The Specials page features several money-saving options that you won't want to miss. Our Japanese Full Kit special is one, and another is our customer feedback form. If you take advantage of both of these, you'll be saving about 20% off the retail price of our cards.

Japanese Full Kit

The most popular product is what we call the Japanese Full Kit. That includes all of our Japanese titles for one low price. The four different titles that we offer, Japanese Verbs, Japanese Adjectives & Adverbs, Kana Cards, and Japanese Vocabulary are all interchangeable from one deck of cards to another. That means you can remove the cards that you already learned and substitute the cards that you need to study.

Studying On-the-Go: Wasted Moments are Japanese Study Time!

Far from being frustrated when you find yourself delayed in a long line, you'll find that with our cards, you may become almost happy to have a few moments of free time to study! Examples include when standing in line at the grocery store, DMV or bank. That gives you what you want, a few moments of time to review your Japanese studies!


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