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Spanish to English/English to Spanish
Electronic Dictionary

A Spanish to English electronic dictionary is an important tool in learning Spanish. In addition to looking up words that you find in your Spanish studies, you can simply browse through an English to Spanish/Spanish to English electronic dictionary. By just browsing, you will find a wealth of information like Spanish words that are related or even Spanish words have a similar origin.

Which Spanish to English/English to Spanish
Electronic Dictionary Should You Buy?

Ectaco has a complete line of Spanish to English/English to Spanish electronic dictionaries as well an extremely innovative collection of Spanish to English/English to Spanish translation software and other micro electronic Spanish language devices. has Spanish to English/English to Spanish electronic dictionaries are rated both by which ones are bestsellers and also by customer feedback.

About the size of a calculator, English to Spanish/Spanish to English electronic dictionaries are putting micro technology to work to help you study Spanish. Obviously, all English to Spanish/Spanish to English electronic dictionaries will save you time because your dictionary lookups will be much faster. For time saving alone, an English to Spanish/Spanish to English electronic dictionary will be an important addition to your Spanish studies toolkit.


100 Spanish Flash Cards that Go Anywhere you Go

Each different card set has about 100 cards. Cards in the Spanish verbs product feature an illustration and English verb on the front of the card. On the back, the verb is conjugated in Spanish in present and past tenses.
The Spanish adjectives product shows an English adjective or adverb on the front of the card and sometimes its opposite as well as an illustration. The back of the card shows the Spanish translations of the words.
Finally, the Spanish vocabulary product shows two to four English words, related by a theme. Examples of themes are foods, clothing, and household items. Each theme has its own small symbol giving the learner visual feedback.

Language Express Spanish flash cards beat flimsy, boring, text-only cards every time!

If you're tired of sitting at your desk, looking at those text-only flash cards for hours, then our visual Spanish flash cards are perfect for you. Because they are pocket-size, bound by a small ring and protected by plastic covers, they can go anywhere with you. That dramatically increases the time you can spend studying Spanish throughout the day.

Spanish Flash Cards - Specials

If you order directly from us, you'll enjoy some great discounts! The Specials page features several money-saving options that you won't want to miss. Our Spanish Full Kit special is one, and another is our customer feedback form. If you take advantage of both of these, you'll be saving about 20% off the retail price of our cards.

Spanish Full Kit

The most popular product is what we call the Spanish Full Kit. That includes all of our Spanish titles for one low price. The three different titles that we offer, Spanish Verbs, Spanish Adjectives & Adverbs, and Spanish Vocabulary are all interchangeable from one deck of cards to another. That means you can remove the cards that you already learned and substitute the cards that you need to study. By ordering all our titles together, you will be able to maximize your learning time by focusing on only those cards you need to know.

Studying On-the-Go: Wasted Moments are Spanish Study Time!

Far from being frustrated when you find yourself delayed in a long line, you'll find that with our cards, you may become almost happy to have a few moments of free time to study! Examples include when standing in line at the grocery store, DMV or bank. That gives you what you want, a few moments of time to review your Spanish studies!


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