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About Us 

Dear Fellow Student of Foreign Languages,

From the very first day we started our company, we've made it our business to make learning language fun, exciting, easy and, above all, mobile.

Being students of world culture and language ourselves, we've experienced some of the very same things you are in your current quest for language knowledge. We tried many of the same products you have and are committed to creating and offering absolutely the best products on our site.

Over the years, we’ve received so many great messages from our customers about how using our products made learning easier, faster and more enjoyable. More than anything else, it’s our customers’ successes that keep us in business.

We’ve partnered with Yumiko Yoshitake, a top-notch educator and illustrator, to bring the all-important visual aspect to our products. We couldn't be more pleased with how her creative skills, international perspective, and deep experience as a language educator have helped us to create a line of products that we are proud of and stand behind 100%.

Thank you for visiting our site and feel free to contact us with any questions you have.

-Barry and Aini DeMillion



My name is Yumiko Yoshitake, and I'm happy that you're considering Language Express products. Through the years of working with Language Express, I've tried to bring my experience from the classroom and my background in visual arts together to make your learning experience a bit more fun, enjoyable and effective.

Language Express' goal has always been to make its products pocket-size, fun, easy to use and as effective as possible. I hope you’ll enjoy using the products as much as I enjoyed creating them.

- Yumiko Yoshitake