About Us

For over the past 20 years we've made it our business to make learning language fun, exciting and mobile.

Over the years, we've received so many great messages from our customers about how using our products improved their learning experience.

More than anything else, it's our customers' successes that keep us in business.

We've partnered with Yumiko Yoshitake, a top–notch educator and illustrator, to bring the all-important visual aspect to our products. We're couldn't be more pleased with how her creative skills, sense of humor and experience as a language educator have helped us to create a line of products that we are proud of and we think you'll find better than any others on the market.

Thank you for visiting our site and feel free to contact us with any questions you have.

–Barry and Aini DeMillion

I hope you'll enjoy the products as much as I enjoyed illustrating them.

My name is Yumiko Yoshitake, and I couldn't be happier that you've found the Language Express site.

I've worked with Barry and Aini for many years, striving to make what we think are the very best language education products available.

Our goal has always been to make products that are pocket-size, fun, easy to use and as effective as possible in helping your learn foreign languages.

I hope you'll enjoy the products as much as I enjoyed illustrating them.

–Yumiko Yoshitake

E-mail: custcare@langexpress.com


Creative Process

At the very beginning we examined a wide variety of textbooks and language programs from across the spectrum in order to understand the verbs, adjectives, adverbs and vocabulary items that would be most useful to you. Our plan was to create products that you could use with any other language learning product on the market.

printing & manufacturing    Made in the USA

So you can learn on the go, our products are designed to be tough enough to survive being with you every day. Each set of cards has protective plastic covers on front and back and a metal ring to keep the cards together. All our printers and manufacturers are in the USA. In spite of global trends, we continue to be proud supporters of American manufacturing.


Yumiko Yoshitake is the creative force behind all our products. Whenever we have a new product, she first she creates several design concepts for each card.
When the concepts are ready, we meet to review each illustration individually, choosing the best concept to that we think is the most informative, descriptive, entertaining and helpful.