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ECTACO Partner ECS430T Chinese - English - Spanish$149.95Buy now
ECTACO PD Talk Dictionary Albanian - Arabic - Bulgarian - Chinese - Czech - Dutch - English - Farsi - French - German - Greek - Hebrew - Hungarian - Italian - Japanese - Polish - Portuguese - Romanian - Russian - Spanish - Swedish - Thai - Turkish$474.95Buy now
CYBERDICT VIII Chinese - English - Thai$469.95Buy now
Besta CD-828 Chinese - English$429.95Buy now
Besta CD-608 Chinese - English$389.95Buy now
CYBERDICT VII Chinese - English - Thai$389.95Buy now
GD-128 English <-> Chinese <-> Japanese Talking Dictionary Chinese Traditional - English - Chinese - Japanese$344.95Buy now
CYBERDICT IV Plus Chinese - English - Thai$249.95Buy now
MD6250 Electronic Chinese Translator Chinese - English$234.95Buy now
Lingo TR-2203 Pacifica Talking Translator Chinese - English - French - German - Italian - Japanese - Korean - Portuguese - Russian - Spanish$229.95Buy now

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ECTACO Partner ECS430T
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Free dictionary software on CD - $50 value

Today's Special Offer
Price: $149.95

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English<->Chinese<->Spanish Talking Dictionary with a Trilingual Business Organizer

Voice : English and Spanish

Category:   Talking dictionary
Language pair:   English<->Chinese, Chinese<->Spanish, English<->Spanish
Chinese<->English, Spanish<->Chinese, Spanish<->English
Vocabulary:   650,000 words
Size:   4.6x3.5x0.6 in
Weight:   4 oz
Battery Type:   2 x AAA batteries, included
PC connection   Yes

This is our classic trilingual text-to-speech series. These handheld dictionaries are reliable, multifunctional, and highly capable. Business class models, these Partners® are your true partners. They are capable of English and Spanish speech synthesis, the winning combination of functionality, speed and classic business features - they are reasonably priced and that is what makes these models truly stand out and make their mark.

Effective learning curve

This model, representing the latest generation of the high-performance integrated linguistic tools available, is the new addition to our 400 talking dictionary series.

  • Trilingual interface
  • QWERTY keyboard, standard and phonetic keyboard layouts
  • Medical, technical, legal, business terms, as well as slang, idioms, and general expressions
  • Over 1,100 commonly used and emergency phrases grouped into 12 topics for easy navigation
  • Vector Ultima™ spell-checker allows you to enter words as you hear them and pick a spelling from the suggestions list
  • English and Spanish voice synthesis functions in the dictionaries
  • New words recording function will allow you to customize your dictionary

Added functionality

  • English/Chinese/Spanish personal organizer for scheduling and telephone numbers, equipped with search function comply with highest industry standards
  • Built-in metric and currency converters are indispensable tools for a business traveler
  • AC adapter, PC-link options available; purchased separately

For complete information on this model, please refer to the instruction manual available in PDF format.

In addition to the electronic dictionary itself, the package includes two replaceable batteries, a soft pouch for storage and carrying, a bonus CD with additional software titles, and a user\'s manual.

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ECTACO PD Talk Dictionary
Detailed information

Today's Special Offer
Price: $474.95

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Palm OS Smartphone and Multilanguage Dictionary

Voice :

Device Type: GSM Mobile Phone w/Palm OS PDA
Operating system: Palm OS 4.1
Size: 48 x 100 x 21 mm
Weight: 105g (approx.)
Batery Type: 850 mAH Lithium-Polymer, included
PC connection yes

This amazing Smartphone is the essence of entertainment, functionality and value joined in one stylish device. A successful combination of a mobile phone and a PDA, our G18 will let you stay connected to the net and your friends, be organized, read books, learn languages and even take pictures! Connect to your desktop to download Mpg4 movies. Use the G18 to send English or Chinese short messages. It recognizes Chinese handwriting and will store a photo album, linked to your address book – great for the caller ID purposes; the 32-polyphonic melodies will be good to your ears.

Bonus CD with ECTACO Dictionaries and Flashcards

As a bonus, you get a disc, full of ECTACO Dictionary software for Palm OS, just look at the list of available languages: Albanian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Persian (Farsi), Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai and Turkish. And guess what? Flashcards too! With our dictionaries and flashcards on your new Smartphone you will acquire languages successfully!

Additional Device features

  • Built-in English-Chinese Dictionary of 50,000 entries
  • Supports Chinese handwriting recognition
  • Built-in 16MB memory
  • SDRAM - 16M Bytes, Flash - 4M Bytes
  • Option to install Palm OS 4.1 software, maps, games, etc.
  • Built-in digital camera CIF (352 x 288) with 2X digital zoom
  • Picture caller ID function
  • Supports 900MHz and 1800 MHz GSM networks
  • GPRS class 10
  • Supports E-book, E-mail, WAP, SMS, MMS, STK, Java
  • Touch screen speed dial-up of up to 40 numbers
  • Bilingual Chinese (traditional/simplified) – English organizer
  • IrDA 1.2
  • GSM Talk Time (2 hours), GSM standby time (100 hours)

The GSM Mobile Phone w/Palm OS PDA comes boxed with a PC-link cable (serial port), 100-240V -0.18A 50/60Hz adapter, Li-Polymer Battery, headphones, CD PDTalk G18 with software manuals and games, a leather cover, plus the ECTACO bonus CD.

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Detailed information

Today's Special Offer
Price: $469.95

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Thai<->English<-Chinese Handheld Talking Dictionary CyberDict VIII

Voice : English, Thai

Category: Talking dictionary
Language pair: English<->Thai, Chinese->English, English->Chinese
Vocabulary: over 5,000,000 words
Battery Type: Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery
PC connection Yes

For the first time ever - an electronic dictionary that offers Video English Learning with Color Multimedia features! It gives you 11 dictionaries; it yields VoxWare voice synthesis in Thai and English. Loads of additional features turn your dictionary look-ups into easy and enjoyable tasks: smart input methods, font size adjustability, secondary, related data, cross and wildcard searching, English & Thai & Chinese handwriting recognition. Featuring an extensive language learning section, fitted with and MP3 player and digital voice recorder, the Cyberdict VIII – is really a breakthrough!

Extensive learning

  • Dictionary databases: English-Thai, Thai-English, Thai-Thai, Longman Dictionary of American English, Oxford English-English and English-Chinese dictionaries, Besta’s Chinese-English (featuring 6 Chinese input methods), Chinese-Chinese (‘The Contemporary Chinese Dictionary’ licensed by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences), Idioms and Phrases, Besta’s Animated and Besta’s Illustrated, Dr Wit’s Dictionary on 7 Professional topics
  • TOEFL exercises and an English Proficiency Test (6 tests installed and the option to download more!)
  • Listen and Repeat practice
  • Animated grammar and an Interactive English section
  • Travel dialogues
  • A list of English names
  • English sentence exercises
  • Video English Learning – and more up for downloading!

Multifunctional extras

  • Paintbrush drawing
  • World time, Schedule, To Do List, Note Taker, Paintbrush, Picture storage, Text Viewer
  • 13 Fun Color Games
  • Digital Voice Recorder
  • Smart Media Card Slot (optional memory extension card)
  • Color/Backlight LCD
  • All menus in English⁄Thai
  • MP3 player
  • Color Album
  • Calculator, option to download such Mathematical Titles as Statistical Calculator, Formula Calculator, Graphic Calculator and Scientific Calculator
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Besta CD-828
Detailed information

Today's Special Offer
Price: $429.95

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BESTA CD-828 Interactive English<->Chinese Language System

Voice : English, Mandarin, Cantonese

Category: Talking dictionary
Language pair: English<->Chinese
Size: 5.7 x 3.5 x 0.9 in
Weight: 5.5 oz
PC connectionYes, includes 64MB internal memory

Besta CD-828 is an interactive multimedia Chinese<->English<->Chinese personal organizer and language teacher, featuring Mandarin, Cantonese, English and Japanese voice synthesis. It is designed to teach native Chinese speakers to read, speak, comprehend and write English efficiently. It is one of the most technologically advanced tools for language learning, linguistic reference and business organization.

Dictionary databases:

  • English to Chinese: up to 5 cross-search windows, sample sentences, speech synthesis in Mandarin, English and Cantonese
  • Chinese to English: smart input methods, saves data for self-tests, Mandarin and Cantonese pronunciation
  • Oxford Dictionary: wildcard searching, voice recording function
  • Cambridge Encyclopedia: thousands of refined illustrations, cross-searching, reviews and self-tests
  • Japanese-Chinese and Chinese-Japanese dictionaries: Japanese voice output, Kanji, Chinese-style reading
  • Network dictionary
  • Audio and Video dictionary: provides a variety of static and dynamic images
  • Chinese dictionary: provides Zhuyin and Pinyin reference
  • Review and Self-Test dictionary: here you can review and perform self-tests on the words saved in the English-Chinese, Oxford, Network, Chinese-English and Chinese dictionaries as well as in the Cambridge Encyclopedia
  • Download additional and update existing dictionaries

Advanced features:

  • Virtual classroom helps to develop practical conversation skills, teaches colloquial expressions and pronunciation using interactive video and audio lessons. The user can communicate with the program and learn from it.
  • 23 Chinese-English reference dictionary sources; some are supported by videos. Over 100 videos to choose from!
  • There is an archive of studied academic material; you can add materials to the archive using a PC-link. The device lets you use two flash cards (simultaneously) which will substantially increase your electronic dictionary’s memory.
  • The dictionary performs syntax analysis of phrases and determines morphological composition of each given word for English-language entries.
  • Travel phrasebook. It includes a versatile phrase bank in the following ten languages: English, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Malay, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian.
  • There is a special customized section for kids, featuring fun multiple choice tests for advanced recognition of English and Chinese words.
  • The dictionary features specialized transcription-based search.
  • Customized list of 50 most recent searches

Organizer features:

  • Play MP3 music and watch movies, PC-Link compatibility; comes with a rechargeable battery and universal AC
  • The device comes with PC-link cable and software
  • Notes and address book with audio recording function available in Chinese, English and Japanese
  • Audio recorder
  • Electronic drawing tool, customizable
  • Calculator with loan calculation tools
  • Polyphonic music
  • Photo archive
  • Games, cartoons
  • Highly customizable system configuration management: allows you to change the standard greeting, regulate the sound, light, automatic shut off, password-protected entry, games, USB.
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Besta CD-608
Detailed information

Today's Special Offer
Price: $389.95

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BESTA CD-608 English<->Chinese Microcomputer

Voice : English, Mandarin, Cantonese

Category: Talking dictionary
Language pair: English<->Chinese, Chinese<->English
Size: 6.1 x 3.3 x 1.0 in
Battery: Rechargeable lithium battery, included (3.7 V/780mAH)
Weight: 4 oz
PC connection USB port, SMC slot

This is the newest BESTA linguistic microcomputer featuring animated dictionary and color display for enhanced language learning. Extensive language database and numerous linguistic reference tools make this model one of the most effective multilingual instruments ever. It includes advanced trilingual voice synthesis – in English, Mandarin and Cantonese – it is more than a dictionary, it is an audio aid!

Dictionary databases:

  • English to Chinese: up to 20 cross-search windows, adjustable font size
  • Chinese to English: cross-search with other dictionaries, sample sentences and multimedia animation
  • Chinese: Information on Remnant Stroke, Total Strokes, ChangJie and BoShiAmy
  • Network Dictionary: latest internet terms
  • Extend Dictionary: allows to download latest dictionary updates from Besta’s website
  • Chinese-Japanese and Japanese-Chinese: words of foreign origin, idioms
  • Travel Dialogues: Cantonese, Japanese, Chinese and English speech synthesis
  • Animation Dictionary
  • Illustration Dictionary
  • DIY Dictionary
  • Oxford Dictionary

Advanced features:

  • Perfect color screen provides sharp quality images
  • Human Voice and MP3 sound technologies
  • Advanced English-language study course including: animated grammar, English proficiency test, interactive study exercises, review and self-tests, TOEFL, IELTS, GRE vocabulary stud, morphological and phonetic analysis for over 6,000 English words
  • Animated Dictionary features approximately 6,000 color illustrations
  • Incorporates the best of Voxware and Bestalk Human Voice Technologies to deliver advanced voice synthesis
  • The total of 36 dictionaries cover over 670,000 entries
  • Specially designed with MP3 system, audio & visual games and animation
  • Enhanced story line featuring animated grammatical teaching, through 3D animation including scenario teaching method and understanding the correct use of grammar
  • Extensive encyclopedia with diagrams and illustrations for accelerated learning process
  • Includes 5 games; customizable list, allows to delete existing games and add any number of new ones
  • Extensive PDA functions
  • SMC Card compatibility; allows you to download additional materials using SMC (Smart Media Card)
  • PC-link function, data transfer and backup
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Detailed information

Today's Special Offer
Price: $389.95

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Thai<->English<-Chinese Handheld Talking Dictionary CyberDict VII

Voice : English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean

Category: Talking dictionary
Language pair: Thai<->English; English<->Thai, Chinese->English
Vocabulary: over 800,000 words
Size: 6 x 4 x 0.6 in
Weight: 186 g
Battery Type: NiMH/ AAA batteries
PC connection Yes

This newest Thai<->English<->Thai, Oxford Chinese->English dictionary employs VoxWare voice synthesis. It has a build-in Longman Dictionary of American English, supports up to 20 cross-search windows and includes English/Thai/Chinese handwriting recognition. CyberDict VII is a reliable aid in foreign language learning and a superb multilingual reference tool, suitable for a variety of educational and professional purposes. Please note that the Oxford dictionary is Chinese -> English only, but it provides English – Chinese definitions.

Extensive learning

This device holds 12 distinct dictionaries; you can enjoy its CyberCard Function, create your own User’s Dictionary and discover the advantages of wildcard searching! This model is the top choice in this series, and a definite winner for this language combination. CyberDict VII will help you work on you English pronunciation: first, you can listen to it speak, then, repeat after it, the dictionary will make a recording of your voice and play it back for you. This dictionary is not only an aid in language learning, but also a travel guide! It holds information on 179 countries, travel dialogues for 40 situations in 10 languages (pronunciation in English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean) and it can perform Conversions for almost 140 Currencies. This spectacular dictionary will satisfy the most demanding language professional!

  • Built-in Dr. Wit’s Thai-Thai, Idioms and Phrases, Computer, Internet & IT, Engineering, Management and Legal Dictionaries.
  • Advanced voice synthesis: English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean- talking phrasebooks
  • Travel Dialogues on 10 topics, in 10 languages
  • Expanded grammar reference
  • TOEFL exercises and an English Proficiency Test
  • Useful phrases, idioms, colloquial expressions
  • CyberCard Function expands functions and databases of the device
  • Abbreviations Dictionary

Multifunctional extras

  • Paintbrush drawing
  • Note Taker, will store up to 7 records in manuscript
  • Name Card Manager, Memorandum and To Do List functions are available in English and Thai
  • Detailed Information on Thailand Police Stations, Hospitals and Thai Embassies Overseas
  • Telephone Information bank will give you Thai area codes and guidelines to international phone calls.
  • Advanced scheduling functions
  • Scientific calculator, Alarm, Lunar and Solar Calendar, Address Book, Loan, Expense and Investment Management
  • 14 Fun Games
  • Chinese Fortune Teller

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GD-128 English <-> Chinese <-> Japanese Talking Dictionary
Detailed information

Today's Special Offer
Price: $344.95

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GD-128 English <-> Chinese <-> Japanese Talking Electronic Dictionary with Organizer

Voice : English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese

This unit is the newest great electronic talking dictionary with multiple tutorial functions. The system includes 11 built-in dictionaries! Among them are the Longman English Dictionary, Chinese-English and English-Chinese Dictionaries, Japanese-Chinese and Chinese-Japanese dictionaries, a Supplementary English-Chinese Dictionary, Chinese-Chinese and Network dictionaries. The new Japanese Foreign Dictionary offers detailed Chinese and English explanations. Multinational Languages Dictionary gives 9 categories of travel dialogues in 8 languages; this dictionary will pronounce them for you! All dictionaries feature cross and wildcard search function. ScanSoft and Voxware, the top US pronunciation technologies provide superb voice synthesis. The articulate and accurate pronunciation will help you to dramatically improve your command of English.

This unit features handwriting recognition and touch-and-go operation which makes data entry simple and easy. The device is compatible with different kinds of IC cards and e-books. The unit provides plenty of useful information for you to search quickly and conveniently, and helps you improve your overall work and study efficiency.


  • The Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, with a expanded vocabulary
  • The top ScanSoft and Voxware pronunciation systems, featuring articulate and accurate pronunciation
  • Recording Memo function for audio messages
  • Listening & Learning functions to improve your pronunciation
  • Sentence-making helps you grasp the structure of sentences
  • Class schedule function puts your daily school life in order
  • Double-card function expands the function of the unit
  • Radio can save records, and can also merge, delete and rename them


  • Larger screen: clear display is easy on your eyes
  • Handwriting input system: automatic recognition of simplified and traditional Chinese handwriting. Conversion of simplified into/from traditional Chinese.
  • Real voice system: the pronunciation in standard American English in male and female voice powered by TRUVOICE System.
  • Listening practice: customizable pronunciation settings - 3 to 99 times. You may repeat the pronunciation following the unit, which helps to correct your pronunciation.
  • Expanded vocabulary source: multiple dictionaries in one. Built-in English-Chinese/ English-English Longman dictionary, recommended by most American teachers.
  • Multiple languages: Built-in Chinese/English/Japanese bi-directional dictionary with pronunciation of English/Mandarin/Cantonese/Japanese.
  • Supplementary dictionary: the Study Card contains more than 40,000 words and phrases. Automatically switch to card if the unit fails to find a word in the main source. You are free to download the new word collectrion.
  • Conversation practice: there are real-voice conversations of almost 20 languages. Travel around the world and communicate easily.
  • Digital recording: this function can fulfill both study and work purposes. You may record, listen, and study at any time with less effort.
  • MP3 music: listen to music as you look up words in the dictionary.
  • FM radio: built-in FM radio with automatic scanning function. Listening to news and music will improve your listening comprehension.
  • Flash card: download e-books to read in this unit.
  • Two card slots: this device has expandable capabilities with two slots available.
  • Professional medical vocabulary base: includes two medical dictionary cards:
    (1) Rong-Yang\'s general medicine;
    (2) Warmth\'s internal medicine/diagnostics/surgery/ophthalmology/ pharmacology/OB&GYN/dentistry/ nursing/pediatrics/dermatology/Chinese medicine and total 12 disciplines.

This electronic dictionary comes with a CD, containing bonus and demo software, a slim case and a set of lithium batteries.

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Detailed information

Today's Special Offer
Price: $249.95

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Thai<->English->Chinese Handheld Talking Dictionary CyberDict IV Plus

Voice : English, Chinese, Japanese

Category: Talking dictionary
Language pair: Thai<->English; English<->Thai, English->Chinese
Vocabulary: 500,000 words
Size: 6 x 4 x 0.6 in
Weight: 186 g
Battery Type: AAA batteries
PC connection Yes

This is a superb talking Thai<->English<->Thai dictionary with advanced multilingual voice synthesis. It utilizes the latest electronic technologies and is equipped with Bestalker Human Voice speech synthesis system, allowing the Naturalistic Voice Recording Learning Method. The dictionary features built-in Longman Dictionary of American English and Oxford English->Chinese Dictionary.

Expandable learning

With over 500,000 headwords in 25 dictionaries, this model is one of the best possible solutions for your language learning practice. The natural language learning provided and supported by Bestalker Human Voice will ensure the high success rate in word memorization, while the all-encompassing language reference tools will satisfy all your language learning needs.

  • Advanced trilingual voice syntesis: in Thai, English and Chinese
  • Thai<->English and English<->Thai bidirectional dictionaries
  • Thai->English voice phrasebook including general conversation topics: Air Travel, Hotel and Restaurant, Sightseeing, Entertainment, Communication, etc.
  • TOEFL practice, expanded grammar reference
  • AICC Technology (Advanced Integrated Cross Check)
Multifunctional extras
  • master scheduling functions and calendars
  • 256 MB memory unit and PC connection capacity
  • scientific calculator, games, alarm, address book, expense management
  • wealth of useful information on Thailand
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MD6250 Electronic Chinese Translator
Detailed information

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Price: $234.95

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English<->Chinese<->English Talking Dictionary with a Business Organizer

Voice : English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese(phrasebook only)

Category: Talking dictionary
Language pair: English<->Chinese; Chinese<->English
Vocabulary: 260,000 words
Size: 5.4 x 3 x 0.7 in
Weight: 5 oz
Battery Type: 3 x AAA batteries, included
PC connection Yes

This model represents the latest generation of the high-performance electronic dictionaries. Four main sections: Dictionary, Organizer, Calculation and Others are designed for easy operation and independent language learning.

Effective learning curve

This model, representing the latest generation of the high-performance integrated linguistic tools available, provides several English<->Chinese<->English dictionaries.

  • Built-in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English language with spell-checker and wildcard search functions
  • 11 different character input methods for Chinese language are featured
  • Built-in English-Chinese Dictionary, English Thesaurus, Chinese-English Dictionary, English Dictionary, Chinese Dictionary, Network Dictionary and Vocabulary
  • Creation of customized user dictionaries
  • Expanded English language grammar reference
  • Cantonese and Mandarin pronunciation systems
  • TruVoice TM pronunciation system
  • Conversation in English / Mandarin / Japanese
Added functionality
  • Full organizer functions and PC synchronization
  • File download capacity
  • Schedule master, calendar, financial calculator, games, personal data organizer
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Lingo TR-2203 Pacifica Talking Translator
Detailed information

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Price: $229.95

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Lingo Pacifica Talk 10 Language Translator TR2203

Voice : English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Korean.

Category:   Talking dictionary
Languages:   English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Korean.
Vocabulary:   200,000 words
Size:   4.5 x 3.0 x 0.8 in
Weight:  5.5 oz
Battery Type:   2 x AAA batteries, included

Lingo Pacifica Talk is a handy interpretation tool. Featuring 200,000 words and 23,000 useful phrases, this dictionary teaches you how to pronounce foreign words properly, so you can make sure your messages are understood.

Effective learning curve

Lingo Pacifica Talk multilingual translator displays foreign language characters, shows you phonetically how to pronounce the character combinations in your own language, and then pronounces them for you at the touch of a button.

  • Superb sound quality
  • Large backlit LCD display
  • Earphone and volume control for private listening
  • 23,000 of commonly used phrases
  • Sentence translation function, allowing you to translate whole sentences and speak the translated text back to you

Added functionality

  • Standard one year product warranty
  • Metric and currency converters, world time, and alarm clock
  • Talking calculator, auto power-off, contrast control
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