How to learn Spanish Verbs and Conjugations

Plain old memorization and practice are frequently used to learn Spanish verbs and conjugations, at least initially. That's because it's difficult to encounter the wide variety conjugations you will need to use in normal conversation. So the question is, what is the best and most effective way to memorize verbs? We know that some of the most popular and effective methods involve flash cards and games.

You can create your own flash cards from popular Spanish verb reference books that can be found on or in your local bookstore. As with all flash card projects, if you want to use homemade cards, you can use 3x5 cards and make a stack of your own study cards and carry them with you.

We've found that homemade cards actually are not the easiest to keep organized and neatly stacked. That's why we created our own line of Visual Spanish Verb study cards that are illustrated, ring-bound and are designed to be kept in your pocket throughout the day.

Whatever kind of flash cards you use, they can be used to study throughout the day, to play games and to test yourself on which verbs and conjugations you know well and which ones you still need to work on.

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Spanish Verbs Shown with Present and One Past Tense Conjugation