Motivation by Charting your Progress in Spanish

Like any mental effort, learning Spanish can tax your emotional strength and you may sometimes feel you can't make it and that you want to give up. Luckily, this is just a mental game. You can learn anything that you set your mind to if you keep at it.

Aside from just having faith in your mental abilities, you can use tools that can prove to your doubting mind that you are making great strides in your abilities and are improving yourself for the better with every day of study.

One suggestion is to keep a learning journal. Starting with your first day of study, keep a journal handy and make an entry every evening or at least once a week, reviewing your current challenges and any language-related victories you had. The great thing about a journal is that after even a short period of time, like a month or two, you will be amazed at what you were struggling with just a short time ago. If you've recorded your victories along the way, you'll also be able to see and gain motivation from seeing how your abilities have grown and where they're getting you.

You can also quantify your increasing knowledge. One technique to keep you motivated is to put an Excel chart or Word table on your wall and keep it updated as you learn new vocabulary, verb conjugations and accomplish other things in Spanish. It takes some time to keep things updated, but it's nice to see a precise list of the ground you've covered whenever you see it on the wall.

Another way of charting your progress is with the tools included in an online course. Computers and online learning have brought Spanish studies a long way. One of the great things online learning can do is keep you up to date on how you're knowledge is increasing and how your pronunciation is improving. One of our partners, Rocket Spanish, includes tools that you can use to chart your progress through your studies, so are always aware of what you've completed and where you're going. They also provide visual representations of your pronunciation sound wave and how close it is to true Spanish. Check out Rocket Spanish for Free and try some of their tools for yourself.

Remember that learning Spanish is a mental game. Sometimes you'll feel full of pride with your accomplishments and sometimes you'll feel down and discouraged. Make sure you plan for these challenges, so you can keep moving forward towards your goals.

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